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What a bunch of bull crap! Joe Biden couldn't muster 30 people at an event, where Trump had no problem getting 30,000. Then states had to "stop counting" the vote when Biden was down huge. When we woke up in the morning hundreds of thousands of Biden votes had been found out of thin air. HELL NO! We're not going to let the party of evil win by stealing this election from us! We THE PEOPLE ARE PISSED!

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Will not return emails and will not answer phone calls

I am totally unsatisfied with the followup !!! I ordered the first. Shirt from you in an extra large and as I was checking out and another offer came up for a different shirt ,that I said yes to. The problem is that I didn’t see that the offer was on a small shirt , not the XL that I just ordered ... I was excited to see that the second, long sleeve shirt showed up and when I opened it … it was a small … crap ! No one in our family is a small... again I have not been able to contact you by phone and I have sent 5 emails to your … help tyranny address … again … crickets.
I would appreciate someone to answer my attempt to get this shirt returned or send it back and get my money back … whatever you want .
Unhappy in South Carolina


We The People Are Pissed Tee Shirt

I love my t-shirt

Fits well. No complaints.


Love the shirt. Wore it 3 times already . I have so many I sometimes forget the ones I have . I have about 100 Patriotic & Trump T-shirts which takes up half my closet.
The other half of my closet is mostly purple & has paws on them & says things related to dogs & rescue !!!


Quick delivery , love them

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