Have a question? Some questions are unique, but we do get some more often than others. Hopefully this can save you a phone call.

Q: What happens if the shirt doesn't fit?
A: No problem. Just send us an email at help@tyrannysucks.com, and let us know the sizing issue you are having. Send the shirt back to us using the return address on the package. Once we receive the shirt back we will send you the correct size, free of charge. PLEASE DO NOT WASH THE SHIRT if it doesn't fit. Also please note that you MUST contact us within 3 days of receiving the shirt, otherwise you WILL NOT be able to exchange it.

Q: Do your shirts shrink?
A: Yes. They are made of cotton and cotton does shrink on the first wash. To prevent this we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you wash the shirt in cold water, and dry it on a low heat setting. How much they shrink depends on the size of the shirt, but for roughly 95% of our customers shrinking is not an issue.

Q: What if I'm a commie bastard, and hate you and hate your site?
A: Thanks for your input, but fortunately we're proud Americans. So you can take your commie crap and shove it where the sun don't shine!