Covid-19, Masks and Control 7/18/20

Covid-19, Masks and Control 7/18/20

In the past few weeks the media has gotten back to telling us how deadly, and serious Covid-19 is. They tell us things like "if you don't wear a mask you'll kill grandma". Some stores, cities, and even states are trying to mandate the use of masks while in public.

First we will start with the blatant hypocrisy of situation. We had weeks of protests, riots, and looting. All in large crowds through out the nation. There was some mask wearing, but there was 0 social distancing. Where was the media during this? Were they asking the protesters to social distance, and wear masks? They sure weren't. They were trying to convince us that the destruction was peaceful and justified. Wear a mask to the grocery store is essential. Not wearing a mask to protest is not essential. If your brain has developed beyond that of a 4 year old's you will understand that there is clearly a double standard. 

Around here we believe in a little something called freedom, and personal responsibility. If you want to wear a mask, than do so. If you don't, than don't. We have reached the point where the virus is out there. We can't stop it, unless the entire nation is willing to stay at home for minimum 2 weeks, but really it is probably more like an entire month. I don't know anyone who is willing to do that, but in reality that is the only way to stop it.

So in the mean time if you are considered high risk you should be extra cautious, but should also have the freedom to be reckless if you so desire. Forcing you to wear a mask is not about health and safety, it is about controlling you through fear. If it was about health the same cowards who are mandating masks would have stopped the protests and riots. Sadly they did not. Any credibility these people had has disappeared. 

If you refuse to comply with the order to wear a mask know that you are not alone. We are the majority, despite what you see on fake news. Don't be a sheep. We've even got a design for you.

If you are a follower of Christ you probably know about the mark of the beast in end times. Although we don't think wearing a mask is the mark of the beast, it sure feels like we are being conditioned for it. No mask, no food, no service, no deal. 

Stay safe out there!