Black Lives Matter and Civil Unrest In America 6/20/2020

Obviously there has been a lot of civil unrest in America the past few weeks. Thanks to groups like Black Lives Matter our history is being erased right before our eyes. Anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of opinion. 

It is a very sad time in America. The left is trying to end your free speech by censoring us with big tech, and shaming you into submission. Disagree with them and you are a racist. You hate black people. You support police brutality. We have reached the point of insanity.

The same people who after every shooting in America are protesting guns and telling us the police should only have guns, are now pushing to abolish the police. So I'm confused. Guns bad. Police bad. How are we supposed to defend ourselves? Can't use a gun, because no one needs a AR-15. Can't call the police because they are racist. Is the logic now that if we ban all guns and police no one will kill each other?

Sadly as usual what the fail to understand is that they are making the point of exactly why we need BOTH guns and police. To protect our self's from looters, protesters, and arsonists, that's why. Guns also keep the citizen in power over the government. For now we put that important point aside.

Gun sales have skyrocketed in America amid the civil unrest. This is exactly why laws that say "come back in a week to pick up your new firearm" are stupid. If someone feels threatened for their life who the hell is anyone to tell them how to defend their self? Especially when mayors who are supposed to serve and protect their cities let them burn.

It is a very sad time in our history. We pray that our nation can unite as one again. White, or black, man or woman, we are all children of God, and it is time to start acting that way. Come together for our self's, each other, and for our great nation.